S  O  H  E  I  L     R  O  S  T  A  M  I


soheil Rostami was born 1983 in Iran. He is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound and visual language, and their combinations. Being fascinated by sound and noise from young ages, he has researched the history of music and a connection between the visual arts and music. Rostami started playing drums from 16 years old. Later he got interested in composing music. By analyzing the harmonies of modern music pieces since the 1920s and studying the methods of Ted Pease, he came to realize the holistic experience of sound for human body. taking advantage of sensations caused by sounds, Rostami considers the human body as his tool for making sounds and visuals.

Rostami is also interested in visual art. He has been practicing sculpture making, painting, printing with/on different materials. In addition to his own artistic practice, he has worked as an assistant for several artists on executing their various projects.

Together with Sanaz Raffii, Rostami is a founding member of G A A H - P R O D U C T I O N - A R T S P A C E. It is a platform for production and practice development for young artists.




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