What is human relationship with his/her environment?

What is our duty toward our environment?


“Nature has made all things specifically for the sake of man” Aristotle, in Politics.

"If a man shoots his dog because the animal is no longer capable of service, he does not fail in his duty to the dog... but his act is inhuman and damages in himself that humanity which it is his duty to show towards mankind...for

he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealing with men.“

Immanuel Kant,

in Lectures on Ethics


“That land is a community is the basic concept of ecology, but that land is to be loved and respected is an extension of ethics.”

Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac, 1949

“The ‘control of nature’ is a phrase conceived in arrogance, born of the Neanderthal age

of biology and the convenience of man”

Rachel Carson, The Silent Spring (1962)


 in the following comes topics which is in discussion in Environmental ethics:


(1) the challenge of environmental ethics to the anthropocentrism (i.e., human-centeredness) embedded in traditional western ethical thinking;


(2) the early development of the discipline in the 1960s and 1970s;


(3) the connection of deep ecology, feminist environmental ethics, animism and social ecology to politics;


(4) the attempt to apply traditional ethical theories, including consequentialism, deontology, and virtue ethics, to support contemporary environmental concerns;


(5) the preservation of biodiversity as an ethical goal;


(6) the broader concerns of some thinkers with wilderness, the built environment and the politics of poverty;


(7) the ethics of sustainability and climate change, and


(8) some directions for possible future developments of the discipline.


reference: Stanford Encyclopedia of philosephy




We consider human relationships with his environment a significant issue. 

The most influential Iranian artist for us to be connected to this issue is Sohrab Sepehry.

His poems give us the purest image of human relationship with his environment.

Exactly in the opposite direction toward the traditional western ethical thinking, he does not assume humans the center of universe.

In his poem titled "observation sura" from the "The green of Expanse" book he will specifically

refer to intrinsic value of non human contents ,he says:

stone is not the embellishment to the mountains

which also metal is not the ornament to the body of pick

in another poem of his titled "the secret of the red flower" from

"where's the friend house" book, he says:

our Job is not discovering the secret of red flower

maybe our work is to float in red flower's secret

it can be said so many of his poems are expressing this relationship, and our duty to our environment.


The group exhibition "Momentum Nov 4th, 2016" took place at the main Gaah Space(PaayGaah) in Nov 4th 2016.

 Sanaz Raffii presented a video with the duration of 1 Hour 40 min.

Soheil Rostami presented 8 dotmatrix prints.

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