«The Echoes Of Bahar Narenj»


,This Video/Sound installation brings about a journey for the viewer  accompanying sounds, videos, Sepehri's poems and texts written by Sanaz Raffii in the influence by Sepehri's Poems. 

.It is describing an utopia but the environment gets dark and fearful

The installation consisted of 5 episodes. between each episode there was darkness and reading texts. 


Gaah produced a video/sound Installation in collaboration with an Italian Architect and sound designer Sergio Sampo based in Turin. The project titled

The Echoes Of Bahar Narenj» was>>


performed at MEF museum in Turin on November 11th, 2017.

echoesofbaharnarenj04The videos were captured at PaayGaah, Shiraz, Yazd and Tehran by Sanaz Raffii. They were projected on two sculptures made by Sampo, called «Laylah». Sounds were made by Sampo. In five episodes the audience were putting steps in a journey, accompanying Sohrab  Sepehri Poems (selected from the «Green Space» and read by  Raffii), texts written by Raffii, translated to italian by Elia Sampo and read by him


FaLang translation system by Faboba